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Iriomote Jima Tours


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Iriomote jima

Iriomote Jima

Iriomote Jima is a hidden gem in Japan, located in the southernmost part of the country. This small island is a paradise for nature lovers, with its lush forests, crystal clear waters, and diverse wildlife. Our tours in Iriomote Jima offer a unique and unforgettable experience, taking you off the beaten path and immersing you in the island's natural beauty. You can explore the island's dense mangrove forests by kayak, spot rare species of birds and animals on a jungle trek, or relax on pristine beaches. Our knowledgeable guides will also introduce you to the island's rich culture and history, including its unique Ryukyuan culture and traditional crafts. With its untouched landscapes and tranquil atmosphere, Iriomote Jima is the perfect destination for those seeking a peaceful and authentic Japanese experience. Join us on our tours and discover the hidden treasures of Iriomote Jima.